Warm and Sharp

From check-in to check-out, the inn’s friendly and sharp staff pampers guests with personalized service and a broad smile, in addition to welcome surprises: an expected gourmet cocktail, a refreshing mangaba popsicle in the middle of the afternoon, a new flower arrangement on their porch.

Our supervisors, assistants, maids, waiters, cooks and gardeners are the true soul of Casa Acayu. Not for nothing, the inn provides them with continuous training and education in areas that range from hygiene and gastronomy, human resources and English.

Many of them working with us for years, they take part in strategic decisions and are always committed to creating solutions to make the service increasingly more efficient – and your stay more and more special.



Mônica Maria Alexandre da Silva

Having been working at Casa Acayu for twelve years, graduated in Pedagogy, married and mother of a five-year-old girl, this smily woman from Alagoas went through all the sectors of the inn before reaching her current post, where meticulously watches over everything: “Here, we learn to anticipate the customers’ needs,” she says.


José Gedson Lins de Farias

Another person from Alagoas who graduated in pedagogy, but found himseilf in hospitality. At Casa Acayu, Gedson discovered the pleasure of seeking perfection in each and every task. Having been working at the inn for nine years, he is currently in charge of coordinating the wait staff, the maintenance services and training. “Here, we practice a philosophy of European features, demanding high quality and attention to detail.”


Januário Procópio da Silva

He is the one who greets guests upon arrival with his unmistakable smile. Born in Sao Miguel dos Milagres, 30 years old, at Casa Acayu since its opening, he considers the inn a “hospitality college,” thanks to the standard of excellence required in its services. More: “Here, the guests enjoy the natural beauty without worrying about safety. That is priceless.”


Bartolomeu Inácio dos Santos

Born in Tatuamunha, Bartô joined the staff of the inn as a waiter and devoted himself body and soul to learn the choreography of the perfect service. Famous for his good mood, he has just embraced the extra task of creating beautiful arrangements with armfuls of tropical flowers that arrive every week from a nearby farm. “I am happy to do what I do,” he says.


Sebastião Manoel da Silva Júnior

Junior started 6 years ago his career at Casa Acayu. Since then he demonstrated a genuine vocation for the art of cooking.  He achieved the position of Head Chef in 2017. He leads a sharp team that provides guests with tasty and sophisticated options from breakfast to dinner. It was by combining Portuguese recipes with local ingredients that he developed the most popular dishes of the house – not before submitting them to the discerning palate of the inn’s owners.

  • Reservations: Fabrício and Adila
  • Chambermaids: Daniela, Gleice, Norma, Silene  and Maria Lúcia
  • Waiters: Antonio, Jânio, Zacarias, Diogo and Everton; Isaac (beach); Almy and Cleydson (night shift)
  • Cooks: Júnior, Roberto, Ricardo, Jean, Elizângela, Cícera and Robson
  • Maintenance and garden: Fabiano, Henrique, André, Marcos and Alessandro; Francisco (night security)